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Re: RAID starter

rizal@lasaltech.com, Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 10:53:25PM +0800: 
>     I was just wondering, how can i setup up a raid on my server ?

First, you need a RAID controller.  Open your server or check with your
server distributor's documentation to see if you have one.

Second, you need to configure your kernel to support the RAID
controller.  Consult with the RAID controller documentation to see what
modules or patches are needed.

Third, after you have installed the RAID controller and the appropriate
kernel modules, boot the machine.  Usually there will be a message from
the RAID controller after the BIOS but before LILO that announces the
presence of the controller and the shortcut key needed to configure it,
like Control-R or something like that.  Hit the shortcut key.

You should now get a options menu for configuring the RAID groups.  The
menu is fairly self explanatory.  You'll need to understand RAID to
configure it correctly.  Set your volume groups at this point, RAID
levels, etc.

When you have completed the configuration the disks will have to be
"scrubbed".  This could take several hours.  Needless to say, you can't
add RAID to a production server, it has to be set up with it in the


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