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Re: RAID starter


rizal@lasaltech.com schrieb:
> Hi!
>     I was just wondering, how can i setup up a raid on my server ?

have a look at this page:
(I hope it's good. I haven't read it myself...)

Read some more pages or articles about RAID.
-- it's a short introduction to RAID)

Decide wether to use hardware or software RAID.
Decide which RAID-Level you want to use.
If you want to use hardware-controlled-RAID buy a controller-card
Configure it
(See the Linux-Software-RAID-HowTo or the manual of your card for
information how to do that)
Have fun using it :-)
(RAID *is* fun if you like fast or 'secure' systems.
[secure means: systems with either an error-tolerance or systems in
which disks may die without the loss of data]

>     Thanks.
> Rizal
> "If you think you play too much, play more"


Sebastian Nerz

PS I'm sorry for my not-so-good english...

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