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Re: Exim + POP3 + quota problems

At 11:21 PM 03/18/2002 +0100, Marcin Owsiany wrote:
On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 12:51:55PM -0500, Loren Jordan wrote:
> If you are able to re compile Qpopper, you can change the location of the
> <user>.lock file as a compile option, just put it some where there is no
> quota checking. You will also need to adjust the configuration of your MDA
> to watch for lock files in that new location.

MDA or MTA, but also MUA...

> I ran into this same problem
> a couple of years ago (when I worked at Qualcomm :). I was also constantly > having to repair the users mbox files because of corruptions in the headers
> that would cause Qpopper to die.

You mean when it didn't use right lockfiles?

No, Qpopper or something else would cause minor glitches in the "^From: XXXX" header or the line before it would be missing (2 messages joined at the hip). If Qpopper would see an "un-escaped" From: header it would freak out and die. I was the only person reading mail locally on these servers... I used vi to fix these broken mbox files. I would touch the lock file manualy, vi the mbox file in question and then delete the lock file.

> There are a lot of compile time options that you can adjust and if you just
> have to keep using it, do re-compile with the "server mode" enabled.  I
> forget the exact name of that option but it keeps the users spool file
> copies to only 1 per session.  This change alone brought the load on our
> mail servers down to less than 1.0.

Right, but the manpage says I shouldn't use that mode if users also read
mail using MUAs.

> I would recommend going with something like qmail (I like it more than
> anything else I have used) or any other pop server that supports
> Maildir.

Actually I have to deal with qmail on another machine, and I prefer
exim...  and it supports Maildir delivery as well, so I think I'll just
try to switch to it.

I hope exim works for you, everybody should use the best tool that they prefer to use. One of these days, I will try to make an exim mail server but I have too many qmail servers running without requiring attention, it's more trouble to switch now.


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