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Re: booting from CompactFlash Cards

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 01:35:44AM -0500, Jeff S Wheeler wrote:
> Where do you buy your CF cards that are bootable, and the IDE adapters? 
> I would like to do the same thing and would really appreciate it if you
> would send me over your vendor information.  Part numbers would be nice
> if you have them handy, too!

I bought CF to IDE adapters from ACS (http://www.acscontrol.com). $20
each, you can order online.

The CF cards I use are no-name 128 MB cards bought from a local
retailer. I believe there's nothing special about them, except they
were the cheapest around :)

As stated on ACS website, "if your application works with IDE drives,
it will work with a CF card and our CF to IDE adapter".

Axialys Interactive

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