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Re: Another stupid question

On Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 10:29:53AM -0500, tps@unslept.com wrote:
> DEFAULT = $HOME/Maildir
> in either your /etc/procmailrc (for systemwide delivery) or in your
> private .procmailrc for just you.

Almost.  It should be $HOME/Maildir/.  Without the trailing / procmail
assumes an mbox folder.

> If you are using Mutt for a local mailreader, you need to add
> set mbox_type=Maildir


> 1190 O   Mar 15 Jones, Susan M  (  19) after work get-together for Bill
> 1191 N F Mar 16 To Tim Sailer   (   0) test mail
> notice that message 1190 hsa 19 lines and 1191 shows 0 lines, although
> it has 10. The 1190 was from the mbox2mdir conversion, the new ones all
> show up as 0 lines

Same here.  I haven't figured out either.  I *think* it might have
something to do with the way mutt opens the mailbox.  With mbox style,
it only has to open the one file and count lines.  With maildir, it has
to open each file and *then* count lines.  With a big mailbox, this can
take a while.  My guess is the conversion script added a header with a
line count, which mutt looks for.

If there is a way to get mutt to show size with maildir, I'd like to know
what it is! :)

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