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Re: Comprehensive maildir-howto?

On Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 12:47:33PM +0200, Jarno Elonen wrote:
> Is there any comprehensive maildir-howto around?

I'm not aware of any. :(  The mail HOWTOs only mention maildir in passing.
But it does sound a good idea for additions.
> None of them tell, for example, what to do with 'login', environment
> variables, 'mail', .forward etc.

I never had to set the login environment to anything unique for maildir.
The 'mail/mailx' command doesn't, as far as I know, understand maildir.
All the modern mailers will--I think.  I know mutt does.

.forward is handled by the MTA (exim, sendmail, postfix, qmail and
procmail (yeah, I know it's not a real MTA)), which all support maildir.

For reading mail using imap, you need a server which supports maildir.
Courier Imap is the only I have any experience with.  I'm not sure about
POP servers.

All this is documented.  But you are correct, it is mostly scattered here
and there.  Having it in one place would be a Good Thing®.

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