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Re: ISP Client Database

> > I also need a package like that. Long time ago i have search for
> > but i did´nt find any good one, all where to specific. Maybe we need to
> > develop something that is flexible, maybe something plug-in-able (LDAP,
> > ftp, pop, etc). I can collaborate too.
> There is ISPman (freshmeat) and I know confixx (www.confixx.de) . Ispman
> is free, confixx is commercial. Confixx is a three-tier architecture with

ISPMan is a GPL solution, based completely on LDAP, and it is developed to
be used with different host systems.
It's complely written in perl, and extensions are made very easily.
It's being actively developed at the moment. 0.8 lacks some of the nicer
features, but 0.9 is on its way with a lot more features.
various ISP's are using it in their production environment, and it is


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