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Re: Traffic monitoring/logging question

On 01 Mar 2002 14:22:43 +1100, Kevin Littlejohn writes:
>Be aware that on-the-wire counting will give you traffic counts
>inclusive of packet overhead, whereas counting in squid will give you
>only the size of the content in question.  Don't do math on these
>things, as one rather large provider used to do ;)

Why go to trouble with accounting in squid? Just account on the 
 "insode" interfaces, compare with the totals of "outside" and you're 
 set. ipac-ng can do this, only the png-generation is severely broken 
 at the moment (I'm debugging it right now).

>Be aware of media-specific packet wrapping sizes, and be aware of the
>difference between "the size of the content", and "the size of the
>content + IP headers".

Just account on the same layer everywhere and you can split the bill 
 from the ISP in the proper %s.

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