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Re: ISP Client Database


On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Andres Junge Mac-Evoy wrote:

> I also need a package like that. Long time ago i have search for packages 
> but i did´nt find any good one, all where to specific. Maybe we need to 
> develop something that is flexible, maybe something plug-in-able (LDAP, 
> ftp, pop, etc). I can collaborate too.

There is ISPman (freshmeat) and I know confixx (www.confixx.de) . Ispman
is free, confixx is commercial. Confixx is a three-tier architecture with
Sysadmin, Reseller and User/Customer. As a sysadmin you can add reseller1
to the system and allow reseller1 to delegate e.g. 50 Domains with a total
of 4 Gigabyte Diskspace, a Maximum of 2000 POP3 Boxes and so on. Reseller
one can then create his own 'products' e.g. BaiscWeb1 with 20POP3 and 20MB
Diskspace. Then Reseller1 can create his own customers. The customers can
completely serve themselves. The backside is, that this package is laid
out to a single server. You do not have a single administration point what
you would have e.g. in a LDAP-based solution. IMHO would an ideal package
have the functionality but would be completely based on a LDAP directory.


Torsten Krueger

> Salu2
> Andres
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> >Subject:  ISP Client Database
> >
> >
> >I don't recall if this has been asked before. Does anyone know of any
> >Linux package for maintaining ISP customer "account" information in a
> >database that can also process radius, POP3/IMAP, ftp account, and web
> >site creation and removal on the actual servers?
> >
> >We need a package (and I would rather not have to write one if another
> >exists) that can allow our customer service people to create customer
> >records with info on the radius, POP3/IMAP, and web site (with ftp and
> >FrontCage access) services that our clients request. The requirements
> >are an SQL database, browser-based interface, and maintaining the actual
> >accounts on distributed servers. If anyone knows of such a package, I
> >would appreciate an email (off list is preferrable). If I have to write
> >one myself, I am also open to a colaborative effort with other parties
> >in the package design and development.
> >
> >The other criteria is that we want to allow our resellers access to
> >their customer base while only our direct office personnel are able to
> >see all records in the database. I would think there are enough other
> >Linux-based ISP's that are doing the same sort of thing that this would
> >be a common desire.
> >
> >
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