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Re: Spammers hammering our mail servers

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002 05:05, Andrew Tait wrote:
> I was looking more for a real time solution, either by and exim system
> filter, or by a log watcher program (ie, the logtail package).
> I'll clarify my questions a bit more.
> Is the exim filter language capable of such a task? From what I have seen
> so far, no, but my eXPerience with that is limited. (ie, am I wasting my
> time try to do it with a system filter).
> Or should I use a script being run every 5 minutes, in conjunction with a
> program like logtail.

One advantage of basing such a system on parsing log files is that it would 
be possible to write a script that uses log files from different programs.  
Then we could spend more time on getting this done properly, have specified 
timeouts for blocked IP addresses, have the cache of IP addresses be 
maintained across boots, etc.

I would be happy to add something like this to my logtools package if there 
are code contributions...

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