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Re: Spammers hammering our mail servers

My thoughts exactly. I was actually also thinking of getting the script to
add the rule to our satellite receivers and border router as well, but I'll
settle for ipchains on the server for now.

My plan was just a quick script to analyse the logs and block certain IP's,
then have a cron job flush and rebuild the ipchains/iptables rules every
morning. It is more of a nusiance that a major bandwidth/server resources
drain, and I have many other things on my todo list that are more important

I anyone wants to write a more featured program and package it I'm sure a
few people including me would be grateful.

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> One advantage of basing such a system on parsing log files is that it
> be possible to write a script that uses log files from different programs.
> Then we could spend more time on getting this done properly, have
> timeouts for blocked IP addresses, have the cache of IP addresses be
> maintained across boots, etc.
> I would be happy to add something like this to my logtools package if
> are code contributions...
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