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Re: EXIM, LDAP and some pop3 stuff?

On Sam, 12 Jan 2002, Peter Billson wrote:

> > But I think this is an inherent UNIX / LDAP problem. LDAP seems
> > a very powerful tool doing for UNIX everything the 'Regestry' has
> > done for windows - and more. Whats missing here is some standardized
> > way of how to do it.
>   Now there is something to strive for. One monolithic, incomprehensible
> mess that will cause your entire system to stop functioning if one byte
> is out of order.
>   If using a Windows-like registry is "fixing" it, I'll keep the *nix's
> "broken" method, thank you. 

Sorry when I offended you. But I think you intentionally missunderstood me. 

I'm definitively not trying and/or looking forward to using the
windows-registry under linux. Hell, I don't whant a crippled system,
too, and I was very happy when I got rid of it. But lets face it: Before Windows 
introduced the Reg it had (feel its unix-like or not) configuration information 
scattered around the system. It wasn't even (really) possible to
store per-user information where you could find it again. How did
you get system-configuration from one system to another? How did you
make a backup of all your configs? For Windows-Terms the Registry
was a big step. 

Nevertheless, the Regestry was a way against the windows problems.
(and not the worst one). Using it for unix-problems is like putting
a car trailer in order to extend the capacity of a freighter. 

What I'm looking for is a way to tidy up the freighter a little. 
For example: I'm dealing with many apaches on different hosts and
different configurations. Why shouldn't it be possible to store all
of the apaches configuration (and not only the auth-info) in one
centralized configuration? Add the interface-/dns-configuration and
I could easily move one web-presenz from one host to another. 

It is true: Even now this is possible using some fancy shell-scrips
and generating configs etc. from ldap-information. But: Everyone who
would want to do so, would invent it by its own. What a silly
concept, hundreds of people inventing one and the same system to
store config-information in (not exactly, but nearly) the same way
in the directory. 

And configuring apache is only one thing. Imaging nearly every
service you have running on more than one server. Add distributed
user-configuration for client-management. Add backup- and fail-over
capabilities. Use it to remote-control distant-hosts. 

What I want is to have here some standart-way of doing it. Perhaps a
rfc or a 'ldap standartization project' equivalent to the linux
file-system standardization. What you get is an easy way of system
(which is indeed different from service) configuration, and that
in nearly no time.

Again: I don't what to copy windows-errors. I want to improve.



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