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Re: Virtual Hosting for Email

On Sat, 22 Dec 2001 11:07, Jeremy Lunn wrote:
> > should be treated as seperate accounts.  AND the account logins should
> > BOTH be just 'webmaster', and the pop server should be able to figure out
> > which user it is by the server-name they are using ie 'mail.client1.com'
> > or
> That is not possible with only 1 IP addr.  Pop3 has no way of getting
> the client software to send the hostname that it thinks it's connecting
> to.  What you might be able to do is get your clients to set their
> username in the pop3 client software to their email addr.
> eg 'webmaster@client1.com'.

That is one way to do it, but requires that the POP server also know about 
domains (which can be painful).  My preferred method is to have the mail go 
to a different account name that fits into the normal Unix account name 
scheme.  Then use a choice of POP and IMAP servers without needing any 
special setup.

On Sat, 22 Dec 2001 11:21, Matthew Walkup wrote:
> Thanks for the replies Jeremy...
> Well thats what I was looking for, and I figured that about the POP3 (kind
> of a shame, isnt it :P).  I think ill go with using the full emails for
> their logins.  but i dont want to use the linux auth for pop/imap/mta.  Im
> expecting to have several hundred email addresses with only a few (10-20)
> for ssh.  Id rather not fill my passwd file with junk.  Is this possible?
> =) The other tech in my office managed to get exim/cyrus to read another
> file passwords (which i could probably replicate) but we still had to add
> the user to linux (just adduser --system --disabled-password <user>    and
> authenticate with a htpasswd file).

Use LDAP to store the account info, this will also make it easier for you 
when you want to expand to multiple servers.

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