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Re: distupgrade from potato to testing with soft-raid


On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 07:10:43PM +0100, alexis bory wrote:
> 1 - I don't want to distroy this server (potato/soft-raid) wich was built
> before/by-someone-else, but I wonder if it's not too dangerous to try a
> dist-upgrade (regarding to the soft-raid system that I don't know very
> well/at all). Don't worry guys, I gonna do some tests before doing it, I'm
> just looking for feedback.

This should normally be no problem at all. I can only tell you about
one problem I had. I had a potato box running Kernel 2.4 with softRAID
and potato's raidutils. After the dist-upgrade to (early!) woody I had
to change the softRAID setup to raidutils2. That was some fiddling and
I don't know if there is a better upgrade path in raidutils package now.
> 2 - I'd like to have SSH2 with SFTP working on it, what will occure if I
> apt-get install the woody packet on the potato, how to do it? I'm remotly
> connected via a ssh console. I did that without any trouble with a regular
> upgrade (complete dist-upgrade via ssh on a brand new system) but I didn't
> install remotly the woody SSH on the potato.

This should either be no problem since the SSHD process over which you are
logged in keeps running, even if you stop/restart/kill etc. the main SSH
daemon. If you try to install the woody SSH package on your potato box you
will also install all of SSH's dependencies from woody (see [1] for them)
and you will run into some problems with reverse dependencies from other
packages. Consider compiling the ssh package for potato or a complete

HTH, Joerg

[1] http://packages.debian.org/testing/non-us/ssh.html

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