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customized sources.list

Hello list,

I have a couple of machines to install woody, so I install the first
machine manually from zero. After that, I'd like to make the 1st machine
as the installation source medium, put all .deb files on the 1st
machine(http or ftp) and then make others to install from the 1st one.

It seems all .deb will locate at /var/cache/apt/archive/ after apt-get.
Therefore, I cd /var/cache/apt/archive/ and then
dpkg-scansources . /dev/null > Packages; gzip -9 Packages

Hence I get my Packages.gz.

Then I put Packages.gz and all .deb to a public readable html directory,
and add 

deb http://hostname.domain.com/path/to/dir/ ./

Everything seems ok. But some deb package filenames have "%3" string,
which makes apt-get confused and returns error.

Is there any remedy to that? Is there any good method to replicate
multiple woody? I know there is a "replicator" tool in Debian, but I
don't want to use NFS. Idea?
Patrick Hsieh <pahud@ezplay.tv>

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