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Re: trouble ticket system

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001 10:27:32 +0100, Christian Kurz <shorty@debian.org>
>On 03/12/01, Matt Fair wrote:
>> Would would be the best trouble ticket system to use?
>> I took a rt, but it doesn't look as good people say it is (at least the
>What do you mean exactly with "doesn't look"? Which featuers are you
>missing? Which features does a trouble ticket system need to have to
>fulfill your requirements?

webrt is - for example - completely missing a decently controllable
e-mail interface. Basically every interaction needs to be done via the
web interface, which IMO sucks. I'd prefer using Outlook to that piece
of crap. I positively hate it.

It is also dangerous. A request comes in. Some supporter writes a
snappy comment, Cc:'s sales with the comment. Sales replies back
(probably fully quoting the snappy message), and webrt happily sends
out that e-mail to the original requestor.


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