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Re: File permissions

Hey there,

this is about samba and not the underlying file permissions. If you look at "man 5 smb.conf" it explains how the unix file permissions interact with the samba permissions, but in a nutshell you can specify the user and group people access files as per share/globally aswell as forcing certain permission bits to be set/not set. The relevant options for you are probably:

create mask
create mode
directory mask
directory mode
force create mode
force directory mode
force group

Hope it helps


Craigsc wrote:

Hiya all

I need to have a directory /home/public to have
1770 permissions. The group owner is smbusers
and they access this directory though samba.

My problem is that the directory is set on 1775 but when users create new files it doesn't carry
the correct permission or group. The user that
creates the file is the group and owner :(

Any help or ideas would be appreciated

Craig :)

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