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Re: Debian firewall/router distro?

There is a specific Linux router package. It fits on one diskette. The router doesn't need a hard drive. I don't know if it does IPMASQ.



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On 11/23/2001 at 8:02 PM Jesse Goerz wrote:

On Wednesday 21 November 2001 03:27, Russell Coker wrote:
> > Is there a debian-firewall/router distro similar in function
> > to smoothwall?
> I have considered starting development of such a project.  But
> decided not to because I don't think I have the time.
> What I want is a cut-down Debian that can fit in flash memory
> and run Portslave and other router software.  If anyone else
> wants to start work on such a thing I'll join in...

Did a little research and found these firewall related tools.
They are all in Debian (mostly unstable I think) maybe there is
a way to bring them all together and cut down development time?


firewall-easy (deb package, has a doc pkg in spanish)
ferm (deb package)

Including the gibraltar link posted previously.


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