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Debian firewall/router distro?

I'm a newbie administrator at a small publishing company.  I 
have been consistently trying to get my boss to migrate a 
yellowdog linux server to debian-ppc.  After a recent 3 hour 
outage (ouch) my boss couldn't do anything to get the machine up 
(I'm a part time worker, not on call).  Anyway, he wanted to buy 
a Cobalt but I recommended we install a smoothwall machine 
instead.  I'm confident I can get the smoothwall machine up and 
running but what I really want is a debian based distro for easy 
upgrades and maintenance.  Whatever I install I have to be able 
to convince him that he can semi-administer it if I'm not there.

Is there a debian-firewall/router distro similar in function to 

All the server needs to do is act as a firewall/router for the 
internal lan and the webserver.  It won't be offering any other 


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