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Re: Clients cant access mail..

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001, Petre Daniel wrote:

> Well i am speaking for a mate that has a small
> isp but doesnt like internet so much :p


> He changed the ip class of the dialapers from a
> 194.102.92.x to a 217.156.43.x and now it seems
> that they cant access the mail anymore..

We need more info.

Show us that it doesn't work.

Can you connect to the POP3 server manually?

Did the DNS get updated?

Do you have firewall or TCP Wrapper rules blocking that range?

> what is the problem? where exactly should he
> look?

We can't guess -- you need to look at many things.

> in pop3 configuration or radius?

Does their internet connections work? Then probably Radius works. (If not,
did they change the IPs that were assigned correctly?)

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