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Re: DELL perc3/di users

>    Did you check out http://www.merilus.com/~kevin/aacraid.html ? He
> has Debian boot disks with the kernel you're looking for. I'd do a
> potato install then change your apt sources to woody and do a

I already used Kevin Traas's disks image to install potato on some 2450
and it works perfectly with aacraid 1.0.6 . 2450 have perc3/si (single
RAID chanel). When I try these disk on a 2550 (perc3/di dual RAID chanel)
I got this message :

   user.err dbootstrap[28]: No hard disk drive could de found. blahblah...

Did you experience it?

I'm going to 'try' to build some new images with the latest aacraid driver
version (1.0.7) which should be complient with 2550 servers.


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