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Re: Simple web log analysis for multiple sites?

--On Thursday, November 15, 2001 10:39 AM -0600 Alejandro Borges <alex@sogrp.com> wrote:

En jue, 2001-11-15 a 07:19, John Ackermann N8UR escribió:
Hi --

I'm looking for a program that will analyze the logs across the multiple
virtual sites that I run and provide summary-level info (e.g., number of
hits/bytes per site per day, with monthly summaries, etc).

I'm currently using a slightly hacked version of webstat with some shell
scripts that cat the various logfiles together, add an identifying tag,
sort the result, and feed it into the analyzer, but that really
generates  more info than I need for top-level summary purposes and
doesn't provide  easy per-site statistics.

Log for each virtual host, then instance webalizer for each different

its that easy.
Step One Group

I'm not familiar with webalizer, but what I want is a single report that lists summaries for all the virtual sites, not a separate report for each site. Can webalizer do that?


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