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Re: Simple web log analysis for multiple sites?

En jue, 2001-11-15 a 07:19, John Ackermann N8UR escribió:
> Hi --
> I'm looking for a program that will analyze the logs across the multiple 
> virtual sites that I run and provide summary-level info (e.g., number of 
> hits/bytes per site per day, with monthly summaries, etc).
> I'm currently using a slightly hacked version of webstat with some shell 
> scripts that cat the various logfiles together, add an identifying tag, 
> sort the result, and feed it into the analyzer, but that really generates 
> more info than I need for top-level summary purposes and doesn't provide 
> easy per-site statistics.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> John
> jra@febo.com
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> President, TAPR                n8ur@tapr.org    http://www.tapr.org
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Log for each virtual host, then instance webalizer for each different log....

its that easy.
Step One Group

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