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Re: stable vs testing

<quote who="Jason Lim">

> Anyway, thats our take on it... and its never failed us so far. Takes
> quite a bit of effort though... so watch out.

Just to chime in, we use stable only, with quite a few backports. [1] Often
enough there's a package I'd really like - right now it's a fresh postfix -
but I find greater stability and less trouble sticking with known good
software for as long as possible.

For environments in which change management is a big task, it is *far* saner
to stick with stable.

- Jeff

[1] deb http://solutionsfirst.com.au/debian potato sol1

       "A rest with a fermata is the moral opposite of the fast food        
           restaurant with express lane." - James Gleick, Faster            

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