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Re: stable vs testing

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Glenn Hocking wrote:

> My question is what other experiences have others have running
> testing/unstable in a live environment with regards to both security and
> stability.

unstable is very much a "trust this and die" environment.
NOT recommended for a critically live installation.

I run testing in a live environment -- BUT:
I have *two* copies of the system software on the same machine (on
different physical disks); one of which is always two-three days behind
the other in terms of update/upgrade.

So if tonight's upgrade makes something go bang, I can usually recover
as soon as I notice.  (Case in point: libexpat went agley on me a couple
of weeks ago, but fortunately I was able to copy over a library file
from one system to another to sort it.)


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