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Re: Journaling FS for Production Systems

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001 09:03, I. Forbes wrote:
> I am looking at moving some of our "potato" based production
> servers onto woody, and at the same time upgrading onto a
> journaling FS.
> I need the FS to meet the following in order of importance:
> -   MUST BE STABLE (our income depends on uptime!)

Now probably isn't a good time to upgrade to 2.4.x then.

2.4.9 and below have security problems.

2.4.10 has Ext2 problems.

2.4.11 was a dud version.

2.4.12 has had some bad reports.

2.4.13 and 2.4.14 have only just been released.

Solar Designer plans to add 2.4.x OpenWall support in 2.4.15...

Maybe you should wait for 2.4.15?

> -   Good performance for "Maildir" directories.  (We run Exim,
>     Courier IMAP and SQWebmail as standard).

As long as there is <1000 files per directory they should all perform well.  
If large numbers of files are in a directory then look at JFS and ReiserFS.

> -   Software RAID 1 disk mirroring on IDE drives.  Something new but
>     very necessary.

There's a patch to do Raidtools2 for 2.2.19 which you probably should apply 
first before the kernel upgrade.

> -   Suitable for use on a root file system on a machine with one
>     partition.  - (Availability of boot/installation disks would be
>     nice.  We currently do installations from 3 stiffy disks and the
>     rest from the LAN using nfs/ftp/http)

Ext3 is best for that.  Do a regular Ext2 install then create the journal and 

> -   File system quota support (nice but not essential).

Ext{2,3} is easiest for this.  ReiserFS and XFS apparently work.  Not sure 
about JFS.

> -   NFS support would be nice to have, but not essential.

I think that issue is pretty much solved.  It's solved for Ext{2,3} and for 

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