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Re: Journaling FS for Production Systems

>From the keyboard of I.,

> Hello All
> I am looking at moving some of our "potato" based production 
> servers onto woody, and at the same time upgrading onto a 
> journaling FS.
> I need the FS to meet the following in order of importance:
> -   MUST BE STABLE (our income depends on uptime!) 
> -   Must be supported in woody, without too much extra fiddling. 
> -   Good "power switch abuse" recoverability.  EXT2 is pretty good,
>     except if you have multiple reboots, you need to run fsck
>     manually (at least with the standard debian init scripts).  I
>     can live with fsck, but I would prefer no manual intervention. 
> -   Good performance for "Maildir" directories.  (We run Exim, 
>     Courier IMAP and SQWebmail as standard). 
> -   Software RAID 1 disk mirroring on IDE drives.  Something new but
>     very necessary. 
> -   Suitable for use on a root file system on a machine with one
>     partition.  - (Availability of boot/installation disks would be
>     nice.  We currently do installations from 3 stiffy disks and the
>     rest from the LAN using nfs/ftp/http) 
> -   File system quota support (nice but not essential). 
> -   NFS support would be nice to have, but not essential. 
> Without wishing to start a flame ware, can anybody give me a quick 
> run-down on which of the above criteria new generation file 
> systems, like Reiser, XFS, EXT3, etc  meet.

No one, for a production system.
If you want to make a research machine to make some tests, then I
would suggest to use ext3. 
- stable for my systems
- simple upgrading (tunefs -j /dev/hd*, vi /etc/fstab)
- no problems with nfs, as reiserfs have 
- could be used as root-fs


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