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Re: Project 2000 on Debian (under Wine) ?

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Thedore Knab">
> > I am looking for a Linux based tool that is designed to help manage a
> > variety of projects. This tool needs to be able to schedule and track
> > tasks
> MrProject from CodeFactory (codefactory.se) is kicking arse at the moment;
> perhaps you could pitch in and help out?
> > and interface with Outlook clients. Anybody know one?
> Interface with Outlook? Ain't going to happen. Unless everything is done via
> iCal, etc. I don't believe Project and Oulook use this as their primary
> interface on Windows anyway. You won't be getting this feature any time
> soon.
> - Jeff

There is a Company at
http://www.bynari.net/Products/TradeServer/trade_server.html that has
info on using Outlook with Linux. I have never used it but it looks

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