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Re: portslave

Hello Russell 

On 9 Oct 2001, at 0:02, Russell Coker wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Oct 2001 16:36, I. Forbes wrote:

> The versions before 2001-06-20 all sucked in various ways.  It was only in 
> the 2001-06-20 version that I really got the source under control.
> > Do you know of a "potato" deb for the latest version, or if you have
> > suggestions on how to get it to compile on potato, please let me
> > know.  I ran into problems with an unsupported "debhelper" version.
> >  Upgrading debhelper would require upgrading perl, by the time I
> > have done that it wont look like a "potato" system any more.
> Hopefully I'll have one for you tomorrow.  I'll try and back-port the main 
> ppp package at the same time.  Then you'll get the latest pppd along with the 
> Portslave that uses the regular pppd (saves memory).

Thanks, I am looking forward to that.  

How does portslave work with pppd, and which versions of pppd 
(patched or unpatched) do you need for kernel 2.2 (which I am still 
running) and kernel 2.4 (which will be the next upgrade)

> > I am also not too sure if I agree with your comments on portslave
> > doing everything that mgetty can do.  I had a big battle to get
> > portslave to work with my old modem to modem uucp clients.
> Tell me exactly what you were trying to do and how it failed, if the current 
> version can't handle it easily then I'll add some new features.

With mgetty I had a line in my mgetty (on one line):

U*      uucp    @       /usr/bin/ssh -t -e none uucp@uucp.isp.com  
/usr/sbin/uucico -l -u @

The uucp clients were not in the radius server at all.  This started a 
session on our uucp server which did the authentication.

Now I have in pslave.conf

conf.ssh        /etc/portslave/scripts/ssh-script

And the file referenced above looks like this (mind the line wrap):

#! /bin/bash
su uucp -c "/usr/bin/ssh -t -e none uucp@uucp.isp.com 
/usr/sbin/uucico -x3 -u $LOGNAME"

I have now added all my uucp accounts to radius, with the following 

	User-Service-Type = Login-User,
	Login-Service = Ssh

The uucp server still has a duplicate authentication list as it accepts 
lots of connections over tcp/ip.  

Fortunately we have not sold a uucp for "modem to modem" use for 
over 2 years (we still sell lots of uucp over tcp/ip - but that does not 
effect portslave), so these are legacy clients and we only have to 
fiddle with the radius stuff when they close.  

Another comment.  Portslave locks the serial port.  With mgetty it is 
still posible to use the port for dialing out, and even for faxing.  So 
with the a small multipurpose installations, mgetty may have 
advantages over portslave.

> Also the recent versions have many more features regarding logins other than 
> PPP/SLIP, whatever your problem was I'm sure it's a lot easier to solve now 
> than a year ago!

Is it possible to call up the patched pppd from mgetty and use 
radius authentication and accounting?

<dream mode>

It would be realy nice if the above were true.  It would also be nice if  
we could combine mgetty with features of faxgetty from the hylafax 
package.  Then we could have one "answer the modem" package 
which could be configured to do everything anyone can expect a of 
a modem.  When we get that right, we can start all over again for 
ISDN ...

</dream mode>

Thanks for the feedback



Ian Forbes ZSD
Office: +27 +21 683-1388  Fax: +27 +21 64-1106
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 46827, Glosderry, 7702, South Africa

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