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On Sun, Sep 09, 2001 at 03:15:31PM -0400, Ryan M. Golbeck wrote:
> Hey all;
> I'm tryinig to setup a CVS over ssh repository for a couple of
> users of my system and I'm having problems with it that I
> can't figure out.
> Firstly, all the users that need to access the CVS repo are
> able to update, commit and view the entire repo when they are
> accessing CVS locally after having ssh'ed into the box.  But
> when, using the same accounts, the repository is accessed
> remotely via cvs (CVS_RSH=ssh), we get permission denieds.  

What's the CVSROOT set to?

AFAIK it should work fine if you do this:

$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
$ cvs -d user@cvs.example.com checkout blah
$ cd blah
$ cvs -d user@cvs.example.com update -PAd

Note: cvs seems to ignore the CVSROOT environment variable if it
finds a CVS/Root file.  If this is the case, use the "-d"
command line option.

The CVSROOT can be :ext:user@cvsserver or you can leave off the
:ext: part.

Hope that helps.

Michael Wood

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