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Re: q ad ftp- w/o system-accounts

>Robert Waldner wrote:
>> (This is probably a PAM-question, too, but..)
>> I just got cyrus to work w/o having system- (eg shell-) accounts, but
>>  now I need to get ftp to work also :/
>> proftpd uses PAM, which is good as there´s pam_userdb.so. This far I´m
>>  sufficiently clued. But I don´t get how I can tell it to set the
>>  userdir to, let´s say, /home/$luser/ftp based an the key out of the
>>  .db-file.

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001 08:12:42 EDT, Haim Dimermanas writes:
> I strongly suggest you take a look at ProFTPd with the LDAP or MySQL modules.
>You can put all your users information in a directory or an SQL database
>(homedir, username, pass, etc) and have the FTP server look in there.

Hmm, I don´t want to cope with LDAP and/or MySQL just for a bunch of 
ftp-accounts (~ 30). Flat berkeley-db-files are much more appealing 
for such small numbers (they´re definitely not supposed to grow, not on 
this box, it´s just that I´m much more security-aware since it was 
hacked not long ago).

> For more info on how to set it up, take a look at the doc I wrote:
> http://dudle.linuxroot.org/docs/proftpd/

Well-written and, seemingly, quite complete, even if I won´t try that 
on my box (see above) ;-)

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