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Re: help with site+database

    >> it may not actually BE a kickback, but it looks like one and
    >> smells like one and the end-result is basically the same.

    RC> Only the most stupid consultants would go for that (like a
    RC> consulting company I used to work for).  You can make much
    RC> more money installing the software, programming, etc and
    RC> charging by the hour.

Yes, and getting kickbacks and residuals are also iffy ethically since
you are haggling with the vendors on behalf of your client on the
client's clock.  Happily, as RC suggests, the other way round is more
profitable, so it is a no-brainer.  If the vendor is willing to apply
larger discounts to sales funneled though your consultancy, that makes
you so much more valuable to the clients.  IMHO and IMHE,
consultancies who see their clients as "marks" end up with idiots as
clients and idiots do tend to go out of business when things turn

OB ISP:  did anyone do systematic banchmarking with Russel Coker's
postal/rabid suite?  Google only seems to know about RC's own
benchmarking on a notebook.



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