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Re: help with site+database

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 12:55, Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 11:38:58AM +0200, Russell Coker wrote:
> > Could be worse though.  CA software has install instructions that
> > start with "type umask 0" because they want to create directories
> > that are world writable for storing binaries (including binaries that
> > are run as root from cron jobs).  CA programmers are stupid enough to
> > want to do that, and stupid enough to not know how to change the umask
> > themselves!
> this is either extremely sad or extremely funny...i'm not sure which.

Apparently I am well known to CA people for my bug reports.  I made it quite 
clear to them what my opinion is of their software.

> > The only potentially compelling feature of Oracle is multi-master
> > replication.  According to the review published in the June 2001
> > issue of Linux Magazine there is only one free database that supports
> > replication, MySQL (which we agree has deficiencies).  Also MySQL only
> > supports single-master replication.
> postgresql has some sort of replication add on. my understanding is that
> it will be included in the main postgres release in a few versions.
> it's by Postgresql Inc, the company formed by several of the postgres
> developers...see http://www.pgsql.com/
> the version for pg7.1 is downloadable from
> http://www.pgsql.com/download/rserv-0.1-pg7.1.tar.gz
> i haven't used it, so i have no idea how good it is.

That sounds very promising.  I won't use it until it's a main-line feature 

> > So when things really went wrong you needed expertise on Sun
> > clustering, Veritas, Oracle, and the mail server.  That requires at
> > least three people!!!
> >
> > The situation of requiring three people from different countries
> > working together to solve a problem is not a nice one.
> hooray for commercial support! it's really worth paying a fortune for,
> isn't it?

I think you mis-read my message, "countries" not "companies".  The problem 
was that I had to talk to people from the US and sometimes Australia to get 
assistance with problems.

> > You call them kickbacks.  Does Oracle actually give cash to people who
> > recommend it's use?
> not as far as i know, and i doubt if that's what oracle calls them.
> "discount", perhaps. or maybe "consultant's margin". technically
> speaking, i guess they're not actually "kickbacks".
> if the RRP of program "O" is $10,000 and the consultant buys it at 90%
> discount (cost = $1000) but sells it to the customer at 10% discount
> (price = $9000), then the consultant pockets $8000 and the customer
> thinks he's got a good deal.
> it may not actually BE a kickback, but it looks like one and smells like
> one and the end-result is basically the same.

Only the most stupid consultants would go for that (like a consulting company 
I used to work for).  You can make much more money installing the software, 
programming, etc and charging by the hour.

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