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Re: help with site+database

<quote who="cfm@maine.com">

> I know oracle has "optimistic" locking and "versioning".  I **think**
> postgres does too?  Comments?

Postgres has better than row level locking (I'm sure Craig was just
simplifying earlier), plus reading and writing are independent. See:


Very groovy stuff.

> I'm not sure the issue is mysql vs postgres, but what does it take to run
> a particular site.  If the site is heavily interactive with complex
> queries and transactions, the choice seems limited.

There aren't too many websites that would run with a "read only" style
approach to their databases, as you mentioned earlier in your email. This is
why I can't imagine using MySQL for anything truly useful.

> Oh well... have they got a history in their cli yet?

Heh. Time for you to catch up with newer Postgres releases, methinks. :)

- Jeff

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