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Building NAS

Dear Listmembers

Im new to this list so let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas and
i work for a small streaming media company in denmark. Currently im
investigating how to  build a NAS. In this investigation
some questions has come up which im not currently able to
answer. Neither have i had the luck to find any answers to my question
on the net. Let me try to describe the setup we are aiming for and
then you guys can comment on that if you have any experince in the field.

Hardware setup	:

HP LH3 (now LH3000)
Dual Pentium III 650mhz
512 Ram ECC
Netgear GA620 (gigabit networkcard)
Harddisks in raid 5 array
Connection to streaming servers via Gigabit networkswitch
and 10/100mbit networkcards in the servers.

Hence the fact that we have a mixed linux/windows (only one) ;-)
enviroment im aiming for SMB/CIFS to share the disk with the
windowsserver and NFSv3 for the unixboxes.

Software setup	:

OS		: The NAS running Debian 2.4.x 
Filesystem	: XFS/ReiserFS/Ext3FS ?	
Networkprotocols: NFSv3 and SMB

So now my questions :

1) What kind of network overhead can i expect to see on the diffrent
network protocols?
2) Currently im heading for Ext3fs as filesystem but ive been looking 
at XFS which sounds very promising too. If anyone have some experince 
and can spread some light on it i would be very grateful.
3) Where in the systems is it most likely that i will experince
4) Just general comments on the system and if anyone have any
experinces building a NAS. I have looked at VA-linux NAS solutions
which in overall look alike the system i thought i would build for my
company allthough i think their systems are way to expensive which is
also why we are going to build our own ;-)

Venlig hilsen/Kind regards
Thomas Kirk

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.
		-- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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