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Re: help with site+database


On Tuesday 17 July 2001 10:07, TooManySecrets wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm constructing a new site from cero. The actual site is dinamic, with a
> database server (the DB is over 65 Mb big). The next site also will
> dinamic, but I would like to change the actual DB (a MS SQL 7) with MySQL
> or (better for my, I think) a Postgresql DB.
> The number of visits, actually, is from 9000 to 45000 visits per day.
> Can anybody tell me what of DB (MySQL or PostgreSQL) are better for me? Can
> explain me why? Can tell me any site about benchmarks, or any date about
> that? Any of these databases are too strong to support this number of
> visitors?
> The site will run with apache+php4, with database access optimized.
> Also, we have the Oracle 9i option, but we want to make this project under
> one of these open source option.

Expecially if you have a dinamic PHP site, for me, MySQL and PHP, is the 
better  and faster solution.
If you take a look at http://www.mysql.com you can see all about.
... another one,  last day i see on a newspaper also NASA  migrate to MySQL

see ya

Fabrizio Tivano  technical manager @ karmanet.it
tel	+39119729007
fax	+39119723331
gsm	+393385432935

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