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help with site+database


I'm constructing a new site from cero. The actual site is dinamic, with a 
database server (the DB is over 65 Mb big). The next site also will dinamic, 
but I would like to change the actual DB (a MS SQL 7) with MySQL or (better 
for my, I think) a Postgresql DB.
The number of visits, actually, is from 9000 to 45000 visits per day.
Can anybody tell me what of DB (MySQL or PostgreSQL) are better for me? Can 
explain me why? Can tell me any site about benchmarks, or any date about 
that? Any of these databases are too strong to support this number of 
The site will run with apache+php4, with database access optimized.
Also, we have the Oracle 9i option, but we want to make this project under 
one of these open source option.

Please, anybody can help me???

NOTE: I will apologize about the inconvenience of my bad english. Sorry.

Have a nice day  ;-)

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