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Re: Router machine falls into APM sleep :(

> Did you fix your router?
> I was wondering what you did to fix it.

I've just looked at BIOS settings, magically changed a couple of them 
and still don't know if this worked :) And btw added "acpi=off apm=off" 
options to the kernel. I hope everything is working.


> > Hello, respectable ISP community :)
> > 
> > I am Internet-administrator in University (see my email :) and on
> > small ISP. Got one problem with my router PC. All of my PCs are
> > Debians and one onf them, approx. month ago installed directly from
> > Internet (with boot floppies and LAN cable) if this matters.
> > 
> > So this PC got an ugly habit to go to APM (or whatever?) sleep if
> > not used for some time. This is not bad, but it holds leased line
> > client connected to 10Mbit NIC and 6 dialin modems on multiport
> > card... At this time they cannot work at all, modems accept login
> > but pppX interfaces do not route! Leased client can ping our server
> > but can't ping Internet. If one press any key (for example Shift)
> > on Router keyboard, routing quickly goes up and all things restore.
> > 
> > No APM daemons were found running in memory using 'ps fax' command.
> > No APM options were sut up in BIOS (afair) and it has set up in
> > BIOS to wake on any events, including LAN events.
> > 
> > Please tell me where to dig? My boss kicks me every day for this :)

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