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Re: Virtual Hosting and the FHS

> > Now imagine that the guy wants his website accessible via
> > http://example.com as well. The URL only has 2 parts. Apache will look for
> > the files in /home/www/com/example/_/_/(notice the 2 "_" this time) when
> > example.com is requested.
> >
> > Any solution?
> Enable sym-links in Apache (I know some people recomment against it, but when
> apache has no special privs it's no real risk).  Then create a sym-link
> between them.

Thank you. Here is what I do now:

VirtualDocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/domains/%-2.1/%-2-%-1/%-3+/

With this, I have the following:

URL                 Directory
www.example.com     /usr/local/apache/domains/e/example-com/www/
dev.example.com     /usr/local/apache/domains/e/example-com/dev/
example.com         /usr/local/apache/domains/e/example-com/_/
www.dev.example.com /usr/local/apache/domains/e/example-com/www.dev/

A symlink from "_" pointing to "www" does the job as far as I am concerned.
Thanks again for your input, it really helped.


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