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LVS article in Linux Magazine

There is a nice feature story in Linux Magazine called "Coping with Traffic" by Steve Suering.

It describes how to build LVS clusters.

The story starts with a short overview of the LVS architecture. 

It covers Features and Benifits.
	-high availability
	-load balancing

It also covers the routing implementations and different types of load balancing alogrithms used.
	LVS routing
		IP tunnel
		Direct Routing
	LVS load balancing alogrithms 
		Weighted Round-Robin
		Weighted Least Connections
		Destination Hashing ("director desides which server to use by looking up the destination IP adderess in a static hash table.")
		Soure Hashing ("director decides which server to use by looking up the source IP address in a static hash table.")

In the end of the artical is a Installation, Configuration and testing section.

The author states that for the installation of the LVS there are only 4 steps:
	patch the kernel
	install perl module
	installing admin. software for the LVS
	making the configuration file

-Ted Knab 
Breezy Network Solutions

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