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Re: Virtual Hosting and the FHS

> Why not use vhost_alias_module in Apache and something like the following:
> VirtualDocumentRoot /home/www/%-1/%-2/%-3/%-4+

I have one large problem with this solution and I have been working on it
for days without being able to solve it.

What do you do if your customer have a URL that has less than 4 parts?

Example: My domain name is example.com. If I have a www A record set in the
DNS, it will look for the files in /home/www/com/example/www/_/ (notice the
"_" at the end) when www.example.com is requested.

Now imagine that the guy wants his website accessible via http://example.com
as well. The URL only has 2 parts. Apache will look for the files in
/home/www/com/example/_/_/(notice the 2 "_" this time) when example.com is

Any solution?


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