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Re: Apache load ballancing

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, staf wagemakers wrote:

> LVS supports persistent connections ( see the webpage for more information)
> which works well in most cases.

I don't need persistent HTTP connections - I need persistent connections
from my web application. That's why I need each session to be continued on
the same host where it started.

> > The question is: are there any software level 7 ballancer available ? If
> > not, which hardware box would you recommend ?
> If it is a java application you could use tomcat/mod_jk which supports 
> loabalancing.

I know :) But this is going to be mod_perl application.
Maybe we will give JSP a try (actually I'm experimennting with it), but
I'm afraid about it's performance - I need to do some testing.


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