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Re: Apache load ballancing

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, Eric Jennings wrote:

> >I need to build a scalable webserver based on Apache. I'm not sure yet if
> >the application requires persistent TCP connections. If so, it will
> >require that after starting session all subsequent HTTP request in this
> >session will come to the same machine in the cluster. This requires load
> >ballancing in 7th layer, so LVS doesn't help much.
> 7th layer for sure?  I'd imagine that would only need to land in the 4th Layer.
> 7th layer would be custom HTTP requests to test things like an 
> application servers, CGI scripts, or PHP scripts (7th layer == 
> application layer).

Nope - I need sessions opened on one of the servers to be continued on
this one. This requires digging into TCP stream and extracting session
IDs from cookies or URLs. And this is the 7th layer.


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