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Re: Apache load ballancing

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 01:25:50PM +0200, Przemyslaw Wegrzyn wrote:
> I need to build a scalable webserver based on Apache. I'm not sure yet if
> the application requires persistent TCP connections. If so, it will
> require that after starting session all subsequent HTTP request in this
> session will come to the same machine in the cluster. This requires load
> ballancing in 7th layer, so LVS doesn't help much. 

LVS supports persistent connections ( see the webpage for more information)
which works well in most cases.
> The question is: are there any software level 7 ballancer available ? If
> not, which hardware box would you recommend ?

If it is a java application you could use tomcat/mod_jk which supports 

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