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Re: sendmail is slow for mass mail

I've just been researching the same problem myself, and came accross a program called SMTPfeed.  Don't know anything more about it, except for a mailer comparison page which claimed that it was one of the better high volume mail thingies.  Supposedly plugs into sendmail somehow, so you won't have to abandon your setup.


It's a Debian package in the current distro so you should be able to apt-get it.  Let me know if you try it because I have to do the same in a few weeks.

>From: JPS
>To: debian-isp@lists.debian.org
>Subject: sendmail is slow for mass mail
>Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 19:32:12 -0500
>I have a sendmail installation using sendmail_8.11.3+8.12.0.Beta5-4_i386.deb
>+ SASL on a linux 2.4.3-pre4 i686.
>I am attempting to process very high volume mailingslists (10-100K
>multiples) on this server.
>My problem: The emails are being sent out at an UNBELIEVABLY SLOW rate.
>First, during the initial esmtp dialogue, sendmail checks each and every
>recipient address and after 1 or more seconds it says:
>"250 2.1.5 ... Recipient ok"
>for each recipient. Unfortunately, there are 100K recipients,
>and my MUA has to maintain that open connection for hours.
>There must be a better way!
>Second, once the dialogue is complete, sendmail puts the whole
>envelope into the queue. Then, by drips and drabs, sendmail selects a handfull
>of recipients and sends them the email. It does this during every
>queue-flush-run (every 10 minutes) in my case. How can I get sendmail
>to process the whole envelope at once? Is it supposed to take days to
>process large mailinglists? What am I doing wrong?
>BTW: this machine has its own BIND.
>Also, I won't use qmail because I have too much invested in sendmail at this
>point, and I dislike the DJB's licensing terms.
>Jean-Paul Stewart
>Senior Systems Administrator
>CarbonMedia, Inc.
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