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Re: Firewall configuration with two ISP

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 09:46:12AM +0200, DI Peter Burgstaller wrote:
> I had the same problem when we switched from one ISP ot the other I was running
> both for a couple of months.
> Turned out that, as Jeremy Lunn suggested, that my new ISP wouldn't allow
> IPs from a different Net be routed through his net, which is of course very
> sensible and right. However, in my case it was the only way to get my setup
> working so after long discussions with the admins they would allow only the
> one IP address of my multi-homed machine in their net which solved the problem.
> I'm aware of the implications it had then but it was only a temporal matter
> in my case.

Great point.  Upstream ISP's SHOULD be filtering out any IP's that are
not their own as part of their egress filters.  Definitely this person
should check into that.

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