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Re: kernel 2.4.0 and connections problem

On Monday 26 March 2001 17:32, Krzysztof Mazurczyk wrote:
> Sorry, I was absent for few days.
> I wasn't clear. My server is connected to LAN and I have no ppp. Users I
> talked about
> connect to server using their own ISP. So I've go only etheret packets from
> a ISP.
> Loggicaly there are two possibilities I suppose.
> 1) Linux kernel error disclosed only if packet was touched by ppp
> 2) An error at users' ISP which is ignored by 2.2.18 by default
> The 1st is less possible because this means that ppp changing contens of ip
> packet,
> anyhow all packets went throu my firewall also based on 2.4.0.
> If my thinking is right the only one possibilities is to change somewhat
> configuration
> 2.4.0 kernel. But what.

Have you tried turning off ECN as a test?  It's the only thing in 2.4.x that 
has triggered problems for me (this only occurs when dealing with broken 
firewalls like hotmail used to have).

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