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Re: kernel 2.4.0 and connections problem

Sorry, I was absent for few days.

I wasn't clear. My server is connected to LAN and I have no ppp. Users I
talked about
connect to server using their own ISP. So I've go only etheret packets from
a ISP.
Loggicaly there are two possibilities I suppose.
1) Linux kernel error disclosed only if packet was touched by ppp
2) An error at users' ISP which is ignored by 2.2.18 by default

The 1st is less possible because this means that ppp changing contens of ip
anyhow all packets went throu my firewall also based on 2.4.0.
If my thinking is right the only one possibilities is to change somewhat
2.4.0 kernel. But what.

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Subject: Re: kernel 2.4.0 and connections problem

> On Tuesday 20 March 2001 14:26, Krzysztof Mazurczyk wrote:
> > I use potato r2 as a small server. Every think is OK if kernel is
> >
> > When I switched to kernel 2.4.0 user who connects to the server (pop3,
> > apache)
> > by internet using ppp protocol have great trouble with stability of
> > connections
> > and ipop3d sends to log 'Command stream end of file while reading line
> > however I get nothing to logs from apache.
> Did you upgrade to the latest pppd as the kernel documentation suggests?
> old pppd seems to work but might not work reliably (they must have
> recommended the new version for some good reason).
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