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Re: copyrights liability question

You will need the advise of a lawyer on this question.

Following are my thought:

(1)  An ISP should not act until there is a complaint.  And
I mean an official one, not just an e-mail.

(2) Copyright terrorists have been known to target small
and vulnerable ISPs to make examples out of us.

Your pick!


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On Mon, 19 Mar 101, Allen Ahoffman wrote:

> as an ISP where does the line go for how liable we are for client's
> copyrights violations?
> Here is my situation, and if you feel this is off topic, you may reply to
> me at ahoffman@announce.com and we'll keep any further out of this area.
> But, since this is a ISP area if I have this question someone else
> probably does too.
> I have a client who stores (archives) newsgroup articles.  I don't even
> provide the news data to him.
> He presents access to this data via a web interface to his subscribers.
> So, his policy as far as I know, if someone requests an article be deleted
> because of copyright isseus he does so.
> So, am I liable for any violations that may happen on that system?  I
> don't administer it, only sell shelf and bandwidth to them.
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