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Re: can't exec /usr/sbin/named-xfer no such file or directory

>It may be easier for you to show us parts of your directory layout and
>parts of your named.conf.
>For example: if your chroot environment is /var/named, then do you have
>a /var/named/usr/sbin/named-xfer executable?

>  Jeremy C. Reed

I am not at my box now so i can't send you my config today, but i have
chrooted bind to /var/chroot/bind and of course named is in
/var/chroot/bind/usr/sbin, named-xfer is there also. I tried to set
named-xfer "/usr/sbin" and non relative path - message is still the same
only paths are changing.
I thought that named-xfer option should be set relative as all other paths
in named.conf (ie zone files), but it didn't work.



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